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[12 Jan 2013|10:28am]
I got the job I wanted. My successes baffle me. I feel like such a fraud sometimes.
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[16 Nov 2012|05:30pm]
When someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, the world stops.
You hold your breath and you wait.
You wait for so many things.
Life is transformed so quickly. One day you're dancing with your father at your wedding and the next you're sitting in the hospital for days while he gets his chemo.
You wait to see if his hair is going to fall out.
And you wait for the next time you can all have a regular meal together.
You wait for the sadness to disappear from the looks we all exchange.
You wait for your mom to snap out of the hole of depression this disease sticks you in.
You wait for a plan.
You wait in the waiting room.
You wait for the doctor.
You wait for someone to say that it is over. That you can breathe again.
It's never over though. You can never breathe again the way you did before.
You're still waiting.
Waiting and hoping that you don't get picked again.
And everyone says "It will be okay"
But will it? No one ever knows.
So you wait...

So you're a kidney short. You're still here and that's all we can ever ask for. Another day.
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Love and marriage... [25 Jul 2012|10:20pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Who knew I'd find one just perfect for me?

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[18 Feb 2012|03:04pm]
So, I'm almost done with my Masters. The past year has flown by, I feel like I wouldn't even have noticed had it not been for other crazy things in my life. Fortunately, all those other things made school seem easy and effortless. Until now of course. This semester hasn't been so easy, I wouldn't particularly call it hard---but easy and effortless its not. Anyway, I need exactly 10 weeks and then just my capstone. Somehow I feel like because it hasn't been hell it's not really worth much. Apparently I need to suffer in order to attach value to something. It's kind of sick really.
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[13 Feb 2012|07:08pm]
I have a Valentine again. All the chocolate in the world isn't as sweet and delicious as the love I feel in my heart.
What are the odds that you meet the right person at the right time and that your lives become entangled and everything you knew is out the window and nothing else matters but that your hearts beat in unison?
I don't mean THE RIGHT person, but the right person for the moment, the occasion, the situation, the time that passes, and the rest of your life. It could have been anyone at the right moment, but it was him.
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[28 Dec 2011|08:43pm]
Oh, shit. I'm getting married.
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[20 Sep 2011|08:15pm]
The only thing I want is to be where the stars shine bright. They don't shine bright here. I see them but they are faint.
I want big stars. Bright stars. In your face stars. Shonto, Arizona stars. Tok, Alaska stars. Stars are that are imposing.
I want those stars and all they represent.

I'm not talking about stars.
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[28 Aug 2011|11:52am]
The days keep melting by. One by one and we're nearly at 75. I went swimming but there wasn't any water. Drowning in sweat in not the same.
The American Dream is a total nightmare. Repair, after repair, after repair just to call it mine. It just ain't right when you want the weekend to be over so you can escape to the comfort of your air conditioned office. I know they are first world urban problems but I'm a first world urban girl. I've got to break free from these shackles that I so willingly slipped on.
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[05 May 2011|11:14am]
My journey back to graduate school has gone better this time around. I don't absolutely dread each time I walk into the classroom. It feels nice to be interested.
Working full-time and going to school full-time and having a dog and keeping a house is not easy though. So I guess I have to wake up earlier and go to sleep later to squeeze out as many hours of the day as I can. Anyway you break it down though there isn't enough time for your partner, your dog, your homework, your dinner, your yard, your laundry, your me-time, and your job all in one day---if only I could compartmentalize these things into different days of the week and not things that need to be done daily. . Something has to give and most days than not it is Rexi's walk, my work out, and a home cooked meal. Oh well.

My washer broke two months ago. Today the new one was delivered. Two loads down, one to go and I'm one happy girl. Two more weeks of freedom before the summer session starts.
My little nephew turns ONE today. I wish I could be with them to celebrate---oh, I love him so much. My garden is blooming...

We're living in uncertain times (I can't wait for this legislative session to end..) but the most important things in my life are positively certain--the love and support I have for and from Josh and the love and support of my family.

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[14 Feb 2011|10:03pm]
I am now the proud owner of a giant white teddy bear, a small brown teddy bear, a purple vase full of sweetheart candy and a chocolate rose, and a giant box of chocolates.

With or without these things, I love him so gadamn much and I know he feels the same way. As much as these things don't matter, they definitely made me smile. <3
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[13 Feb 2011|10:26am]
I don't know why I feel the need to let people know why I deleted them from my facebook.
The truth is I'm trying to dwindle my list of "friends" down to my family and the people I'm closest to in my life now. And if we're LJ friends, you've probably been removed from my facebook list too. I just want to be able to see my nephew's pictures and share things with my siblings without the whole entire world and their friend's list knowing what I'm up to.
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[17 Jan 2011|10:45am]
There's a gadamn rat in my house. It made me turn my house upside down over the weekend and now I'm fucking pissed because my plans for fun were derailed. As evidenced by the dozen+ rat traps in my kitchen, I am waging war. Die, fucker.
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[24 Oct 2010|07:28pm]
It has been 360 days since I've met Josh. It has been one sweet year.
I'll be 25 on Thursday. I'm going back to graduate school in the Spring.
I'm ready this time. Life is so good. Ohhh, my Rexi. She'll be two soon.
She's a perfect dog. She's so loving and sweet, and entirely loyal and protective...

I can't help but smile these days.
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[08 Sep 2010|08:16pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I love my nephew. He's badass. A badass 20 lb 4 month old baby. I love him so much. I just want to hug and squeeze him all the time.

I love my dog. She's badass. She wags her tail when I sing her songs and we snuggle all the time.

I love Josh. He's badass. He makes me better than I've ever been.

It is so strange to feel so lucky for so long.

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[20 Jun 2010|03:43pm]
[ mood | happy ]

My boyfriend moved in a few weeks ago and I have a new privacy fence so I don't have to see my junky neighbors anymore. We also got cable television which I feel guilty about but whatever. I can't complain about my job and things are really great. It's a really exciting time and this has been the best year of my life.

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[09 May 2010|10:30pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Ethan is as an adorable baby as they come. Yeah, yeah, I know everyone says that about their own kids...but I love my little nephew and he's going to be spoiled rotten with love, affection and cool shit from his Auntie Pam.

Today I did the impossible and consolidated two closets into one. That meant cleaning out some shoes/clothes/accessories/old random garbage. If that's not love then I don't know what is. Josh is officially moving in REALLY soon. His lease ends in a month or so...Crazy.

I'm selling my one inch button press. Here's a link to the model.

Includes all the same crap it came cutter, some pin pieces (backs, pins, mylar..etc) and some template cds.

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Life is good. [15 Apr 2010|06:40pm]
I'm not dead. In fact, quite the opposite. I'm more alive now than I've ever been.
I'm enjoying my job, I love my dog, I have the most satisfying and joyful relationship with someone I love and who loves me back and I'll be a first time Auntie very soon! (Two weeks? One week? C'mon Ethan! Don't keep me waiting...)

My my rose bushes are blooming, my tomatoes are growing, and Josh just made me a refreshingly delicious green juice.

I also got the perimeter of my "Revolver" black and white 500 piece Beatle puzzle together.

Hell yeah.
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[26 Jan 2010|10:27pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Holy Crap LiveJournal. I have the most awesome boyfriend ever. I look forward to every new day with this person and I hope for many,many,many new days.

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[31 Dec 2009|12:57pm]
I woke up and figured today is an awesome day to do some rearranging, clearing out and cleaning. Out with the old, in with the new!

I started juicing this week and I absolutely love it. Favorites: (tomato, celery, cilantro and lemon), (cranberry and apple), (cucumber, cilantro, celery, and lemon)

Muy delicioso! Carrot and apple is okay too.

I'm taking a sewing course later this month so I'm excited about that.
I'm excited about life in general. I'm debating whether to change professions. I know I've graduate school ahead of me...but right now...more than anything--- I'd love to be able to interact with people more and not be inside a building without knowing what's going on outdoors and not sit behind a gadamn computer all day. Anyway, I make taking a teaching certification also doesn't hurt that I can have some considerable time off (summers! WOO)

2009 started out super awesome and quickly went downhill but is ending on a super sweet note. I guess one can't really ask for more than that.
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[11 Nov 2009|09:06am]
[ mood | happy ]

Sometimes, in life, you come across people that are instantly special. They make you feel special. They bring out a better side of you. They make you laugh. They make you happy. Instantly. Easily. Inexplicably. They can make your heart stop and they can make it race. They melt you inside and out. And you feel lucky. So terribly lucky.
And then you start discovering all the ways in which you're alike...from the same astrological sign, to the same car, to the same interest, to the same shower curtain, to the same favorite quote. And you wonder how it's possible.
You find them in stupid places and no one's perfect.

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